Not all clients are served best by hard bidding. The Design-Build process is the involvement of the Architect, Contractor and Owner from the earliest stages of the conception. The building industry is dominated by an adversarial approach but our approach is to bring all of the parties together in a common goal and with shared benefits. Design-Build Construction delivers the most cost-effective solution; saving time on the construction program and removing the risk of unforeseen conditions, thus allowing a successful project outcome.

We are here to offer professional field experience and knowledge of modern construction methods and material as well as insight to potential setbacks in the early stages of development and building to avoid unnecessary costs and delays. This alternative process provides our client with a team who is able to lead them through the many stages of watching their dreams become a reality. This process includes:

  • Setting a preliminary budget that best fits their building necessities, requirements, and vision.
  • Choosing a design team.
  • Preliminary scheduling, lay-out of long term plans, as well as coordination and location of any specialty materials that may be needed.
  • Value engineering to recommend economic alternatives to design team, architect and owner in regards to style and materials selection.
  • Assist in permit review and approval from local municipalities.
  • Recommendation of the most effective subcontractors and suppliers from pre-bidding procedures.

Omega General Construction strives to be strategic partners in the construction process, not just contractors. We believe in a collaborative approach with the customer and architect to work as a team in setting and achieving goals for projects. Our companies can perform either on behalf of our customers and manage the process with the architect or perform as a construction manager and contractor working with the team and responsible to our customers.